Ben Glassonbury 1

Spiritual Development Classes:

Learn to nurture & understand your hidden abilities with like minded souls during friendly, honest & fun classes where big egos have no place.

I like my classes to be built on group support, kindness & compassion with a real feel of unity amongst members, where we can all relax, be safe, comfortable & secure as we open up & learn how to use our intuitive gifts.

These new groups are driven by a very different energy than my previous classes a few years back. If you are looking for support, inquisitive or just starting out, why not get in touch to discuss what the classes are all about & if the setting is conducive for you.

Classes run over several terms throughout the year & consist of a 12 week term, seeing a short rest period between each 12 weeks. Classes run for 2 hours at a time squeezing in maximum teaching time.

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