Want To Learn To Meditate:

Meditation has gathered great momentum over the past few years becoming exceptionally popular elevated by solid scientific studies. More & more people it seems now recognize the profound impact sitting in meditation for a few minutes a day can have on their lives. With vast fields of information at a touch of a button, check for yourself what meditation can offer you by delving deeper, researching & exploring all the benefits meditation can unlock, why are you still waiting?

So, if you are looking to introduce this wonderfully deep enriching practice into your daily routine or maybe looking to start where you left off, do get in touch to discuss what options you have available. Whatever your meditations needs we can explore together accessing the most productive way to assist by treating you uniquely, addressing your personal situation.

In brief, even though I personally lean towards one particular style in my own sitting, I do recognise there are dozens of styles of activity commonly referred to as “meditative practices”. Some argue in favor of one method over another but in my opinion, based on experiences I have found various styles played a positive part in my life producing invaluable results.

Current Availability:

I currently offer two slots both available during the week with appointments conducted at my home address.

  • Tuesday              19.00 – 20.00
  • Wednesday        19.00 – 20.00

Meditation appointments are charged at £20 per hour. (Please contact me should finances hinder your booking)


Appointments are completely confidently & approximately sixty minutes per session. Please be aware I currently have a waiting list for appointments but it is always worth contacting to check current availability.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact via email in the first instance, I will then be in touch to arrange our time together. Please allow a few days for all correspondence to bookings & inquiries.

If unfortunately you need to cancel or rearrange your scheduled appointment then please contact me via email, we can then look at arranging a new time together but no guarantee’s can by made regards the time frame.