Simply put, people and life have always held a fascination. During my mid-twenties this fascination took a steep inward turn seeing me become intrigued with my inner world as well as outer, one thing led to another and I became a fully fledge seeker. These days I like to consider myself as an explorer, those of you who have previously seeked will no doubt know the distinct difference between the two, trust me, it is huge! In summary seeking held mostly frustration and misery with glimmers of excitement, in truth, frustration ruled. On the other hand exploring is fun, there are no goals, no end point to reach, It holds wonder and forfillment with plenty of promise as the layers peel back and reveal some incredible insights while never-ending in failure.

In the past my desire and eagerness to share helped me meet some amazing people. I loved to exchange theories and talk about the mysteries that life held, but not so much now. Being more reserved armed with a different understand and outlook on life, it is clear to me that not all agree with my personal findings, they seem to challenge more than aid, I now keep my experiences to myself unless asked. I still love to create and have found words seem to come easier, flowing in moments of time from a deeper place if allowed.

With the clock ticking, I observed how my expansion as a person completely altered my work with clients, this in itself was fascinating. My overall growth also saw my ego manoeuvre around many challenges, one of the biggest being my inflexibility to change moment by moment in fear of others opinions. On reflection it appears that I have grown at quite a rate, believe me when I say, keeping up with this growth pushed me to my initial limits.

I have always used social media as an outlet to challenge the ego. Through my own understanding, (which of course is unique to me) I continue to explore the infinite world of possibilities at my disposal. Using my latest Blog – The Witness, I plan to pursue the same path as the continued birth cycle of life takes another new form. That might sound bizarre to many of you, but to me, it makes perfect sense.

When compeled, I might upload and share videos along with a few blog posts, primarily for my own benefit. Posts will be added and removed as the life and death cycle manifests. A warning to all readers – my intention should not be misunderstood as advice. The only advice I offer is that you find your own adivce inwardly. There are enough people out there telling us what to do, I do not wish to added to the statistics.

I also believe there to be a lot of outdated spiritual guidance, tripping us up in our efforts to reach an unachievable goal, (yes I do understand they serve a purpose, helpful initially, but in the long run unnecessary, as is all seeking). So why do I do this – Simple, because I love to, it is my passion to explore and push past my self-limitations. For so long I was advised  “find your passion, do what makes your heart sing” I hit dead end after dead end but finally found my passion and hobby to be staring right at me, I was looking in the wrong place all the time.

Finally, I would like to add, I do not ask for comments, feedback or interaction but if you wish to add something to the mix you are more than welcome via email. I do not state that which I write to be correct or truth they are simply observations witnessed through my own growth that I share openly if you are interested.