Studio Information:

For groups, classes & those who have kindly offered to be test sitters, you will find the Studio entrance at the rear of the premises (shown in the picture – google maps, link below). Walk under the drive through into the rear courtyard located behind the building, take a left turn following the main house & you will notice a rear black door, please knock & come on in (You might have to manoeuvre around a parked car, sorry)

Private Consultations & Meditation Appointments please come to the main house.

There are two laybys just before & after the left turn onto Hunters Way which are available to the public. There’s never been issues parking up so I wouldn’t be too concerned about finding a spot, there’s plenty of spaces around.

3 Hunters Way – Theobroma Cacao,
Hunts Grove,
Google Maps link


I look forward to seeing you 🙂