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Private Consultations:

Friendly, confidential, compassionate one to one sessions with simple heartfelt guidance, offering support & bringing understanding helping you aspire to your full potential, connecting you to your true nature of harmony, clearing the way for a brighter future.


If we are all really honest, most of us will agree that’s life pretty fucked up. We kinda all know that we can all do better because wherever we look stuff seems out of wack. Oddly or not, it seems the majority of us have just resigned living a life lacking for-fulfillment hardly ever going to the place of irritation resolving the voice that longs for change. The interesting factor is, why do we just except our lives as they are, not harnessing that knowing that things aren’t right & why do we not choose to explore this inner calling resolving the issues. Another fascinating observation I’m sure you’ll agree, we’re now witnessing a huge serge from sectors all across the world promoting health, sustainability & animal well fare which is real cool, but what goods a perfect external world if we experience life through a limited, closed unhappy consciousnesses. More importantly, what can we do to resolve these issues & future generations to come!

A Spiritual View:

Navigating day by day, I do the best I can looking at this crazy world through spiritual eye’s. It’s looking through these eye’s that has enabled me seeing life from a different point of view. I’m no Saint, nor do I wish to hold my self higher than the next I’m a simple man, living a simply life that’s found a peaceful way to enhance each day, it’s only this I wish to share. If I could, I would love to offer what I’ve learned for free, at times I have been blessed doing just that, but for now the world dictates a different story.

The word Spiritual can still be a bowl of contention & controversy amongst many & it really bites my ass when people don’t understand the true meaning & depth of what can be achieved adopting a more understanding, spiritual approach to the world. The hoodoo voodoo stigma that gets attached to spiritually doesn’t help turning people away discouraging them from experiencing a “very real” human phenomenon. Its hard for many to understand a process looking in via a limited, self restricting consciousness that most have inherited from day one. When one stands back it becomes evidently clear it’s not our fault, nor can we really blame each other for our narrow minded opinions.

 How can an appointment help you:

After years of refinement I now understand the key to impacting an individuals life showing clients the truth of their situations & leaving them empowered with an understanding & armed with methods to stay firmly rooted in what’s real & see what’s pure fabricated fear derived from mind. Once this has been established, ones own destiny can be intuited from a deeper clearer space giving self belief & knowledge as life continues.

There isn’t anything mystical about the process, that said, genuine magic can occur with a very real human ability being reveled. Could you imagine no longer having to flounder through life, being deeply connected to the world around you, no longer taking yourself too seriously & making life changing decisions with ease. Plus imagine not being overly concerned about trivial matters that potentially will never happen leaving you vast amounts of mental clarity & freedom to invest enjoying your life ahead.

Let’s be clear though, I’m not offering help solving your fragmented issues, only to lend a hand & show you simple methods that can & will help transform your reality, should you exert the effort & will doing so.

Look, I get it if you’re skeptical, I was & it’s healthy, lets just have a chat over the phone or Skype seeing where it leads. You never know, it might just be the best thing you have ever done? 🙂

What To Expect:
  • Firstly, nothing! Please come with an open heart & mind this enables me to work freely with you.
  • There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. I will give a detailed explanation over the phone or on the day, talking through the process eliminating any under laying worries.
  • Consultations are scheduled in most cases for an hour, (additional time maybe needed for follow up appointments) so please bare this in mind.
  • From a stilled place within, there’s a natural deepening of understanding that can be witnessed, it’s this calm center that allows an opening to access information while we work together.
  • Of course, please feel free asking any questions at the time, don’t leave confused!
  • All guidance given is to be discerned solely by you, as you exercise your god given right to your own free will.

Personal Consultations are charged at £35 per hour. (Please contact me should finances hinder your booking)

In most cases appointments can be held via Telephone or Skype, however it’s preferred that a face to face chat takes place for the first appointment, but this isn’t essential.


Appointments are completely confidently & approximately sixty minutes per session. Please be aware I currently have a waiting list for appointments but it is always worth contacting to check current availability.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact via email in the first instance, I will then be in touch to arrange our time together. Please allow a few days for correspondence to all bookings & inquiries.

If unfortunately you need to cancel or rearrange your scheduled appointment then please contact me via email, we can then look at arranging a new time together but no guarantee’s can by made regards the time frame.

“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” ― Franz Kafka