Fasting – Orange Juice Fast March 2017


OJ Fast:

I have never experienced an Orange Juice fast so really looking forward to this one, I have no fixed completion date in mind ending the fast, I will listen to my body & call time when I feel it’s right – I will highlight the last day in the diary when it arrives.

Slightly off kilter but……. I was asked to give an interview last week regarding veganism, one question that really stuck with me – what has been your biggest challenge through the transition & experimenting that you have experienced. “EASY THAT ONE” people & their opinions “everyone seems to know what’s best for you” I don’t blame them, it is just hard listening to from time to time, that does, however, flag up an area within myself to explore deeper. (I will save that for another day perhaps)

The fundamentals are as follows:

consume only freshly squeezed Orange Juice
no solid foods
no other liquids including water
no expectation of an end date
have fun

Sunday 19th March 2017 4.22pm

Last solid food taken, banana & cacao smoothie made with coconut water, including five bananas, followed by chamomile tea.

Monday 20th March 2017 Day 1

Woke up feeling fresh, alert, good energy levels, well-balanced start. Usual morning meditation. First intake one glass of OJ after midday, followed up with 5 glasses during the day (250ml each). Headache started around 3 pm, awkward evening meditation, mind chatter fairly high so disturbed sleep, constant headache throughout, awoke with several bowel movements through the night. Not too concerned monitoring weight loss, I have learned my body will stabilise naturally with a little trust in natural.

Tuesday 21st March 2017 Day 2

Woke at 5 am feeling jaded, more comfortable morning meditation, light headache that stayed until 3.30pm, consumed 8 glasses of OJ throughout the day first glass 7.15am, one small bowel movement in the morning. Energy levels increasing around 5 pm, then a strong feeling of energy present and full of vitality, thick white slime across tongue & bad breath. No real hungry just cravings for food on arrival from work (mind association)

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 Day 3

Awoke with a light pain in the kidney area, didn’t last long. Very vivid dreams with lots of clarity on awaking. An abundance of energy all day, have never felt better! Eyes very clear and bright. Slime still on a tongue, bad breath again and an unpleasant taste in mouth. Lots of clarity and the day full of deep insights to patterns in life and areas I have been meditating on. Intake approx 7 glasses of Juice.

Thursday 23rd March 2017 Day 4

Fantastic nights sleep woke feeling a million dollars, vivid dreams again with gentle pain in kidney area. Lovely light meditation in the morning, amazing amount of energy and general wellbeing, loving life. 8 glasses of juice throughout the day, no bowel movement, slim lifting on the tongue, bad breath subsiding, most noticeable the feeling of oneness and profound insights flashing up as the day went by. Zero tiredness/fatigue just a perfect sensation of harmony and peace. Fantastic drumming meditation in the evening.

Friday 24th March 2017 Day 5

Another amazing nights deep sleep, feeling very refreshed and clear. Light pain in kidney area again, profound insights & understandings arising from within, huge emotional cleansing enabled through introspection during meditation, I cannot stress enough the wholeness and purity felt constantly. 9 glasses of juice consumed, tiny bowel movement, tongue better, taste easing in mouth. Acupuncture session attended, very beneficial and another deeply spiritual experience throughout. No hunger pains only cravings for food, still no stomach rumblings like I have experienced during other fasts.

Saturday 25th March 2017 Day 6

Last night I could not sleep, observed the physiological healing cycle start; of course the ego loves to lead this one. Awoke feeling tired but not flat, no kidney pain to mention. Massive cravings for food all day but noticeable no hunger pains. Consumed 5 glasses of juice & continued to watch (like a play) the ego battling itself over quitting and carrying on. Cravings continued through until about 5pm, general aches in arms & hands which some people may say you need to eat, which of course I do not, as I still have fat on the body)  but I understand this as a bigger part of the detox.  Another larger bowel movement, this amazes me as it’s day 6 with zero solid food, can say I have never noticed the colon cleanse as much on previous fasts. Meditations deep again, even more insights being brought to the forefront. Most noticeably, a deeper understanding of my on-going knee aches. Breath better and tiny amount white on the tongue, also new a few spots accruing on the back (very unusual for me)

Sunday 26th March 2017 Day 7

A gentle start to the day, a lot more balanced in being than yesterday, cravings completely stopped. Overall a chilled day, energy levels not overly high but still a great feeling of being connected to everything around me. 6 glasses of juice consumed. Larger bowel movement than previous days, Knee feeling fantastic after acupuncture, interesting observing the mind wondering to the knee when out walking looking and expecting pain.

Monday 27th March 2017 Day 8

Comfortable night’s sleep, didn’t feel as deep & no dreams to speak of, No pains noticeable. Nice gentle peaceful feeling as prepared my juice for the day. Busy day working, energy levels high, feeling vibrant once again with a clear mind, easy to process everything in my head with clarity. Noticed a few aches & pains in my chest area, lasted about an hour nothing to speak of after. 9 glasses of juice consumed. Mouth tastes better, although more white slime forming on the tongue, breath again better. Big cravings for food in the evening, this time craving for fresh healthier options rather than junk. One very small bowel movement (even more amazed)

Tuesday 28th March 2017 Day 9

Good night sleep woke feeling fresh & lively. Noticed a few stomach cramps & hunger starting to creep in, the time is coming to draw the fast to a close. Very noticeable the ego wants to continue to achieve more days, but very clear from the closeness I’ve gained to my body calling time is around the corner (I’ve made these mistakes before playing the big I am & pushing on) 8 glasses of juice consumed, no bowel movement, eyes bright, tongue clear with the overall sensation of wholeness continuing. Meditations have been patchy over the last few days. Still in a very good place – life feels easy & effortless.

Wednesday 29th March 2017 Day 10

Good night sleep, feeling the internal wellness abundantly. This evening I will be breaking the fast with some lovely black grapes I have ordered. Less juice consumed today during a working day, 5 glasses only, just didn’t feel like I needed to drink it. Still have loads of energy, physical & mental, the clarity of thought stands out the most. No bowel movement, tongue good again. 5.35pm ate grapes – the most amazing juicy sweet grapes that have past my lips ever, SO good!!

Definitely, one of the more enjoyable fasts I have undergone, I would happily revisit this fast should I feel the need too. Today I am very keen to get back to my normal way of eating, looking forward to all those sweet fruits, very mindful though of removing more natural fats from my diet than previous. It is fair to add, the last 10 days have been the most profound, deeply spiritual experience I have every had during any abstinence of solid food, allowing me to see, touch & explore areas within that I never once thought were possible.