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Special Opening Offer 20 minute Bespoke Meditation only £20
Meditations designed Especially for you:

One of the challenges most people face while meditating on their own is finding the right meditation they feel comfortable with. Music, time frame & purpose are all vitally important when it comes to enjoying your meditation sitting.

It’s also common to use various meditation styles as & when you feel the need, sitting addressing your current mood or circumstances. It might be that you have a quick 10 minutes before you head off to work & fancy a moment setting your goals or expectations for that day. Perhaps a quiet 15 minute lunch break sitting shaking off the office funk along with gaining a quick energy boost. You may simply want a relaxing 30 minute session with little commentary just being prompted now & again.

Another benefit from your personalised meditation could see you drifting off with a seamless nights sleep as you plug into your recording when you hit the sack. These recordings aren’t just for you right, have you considered the longer term health benefits from introducing your children to the world of meditation. Imagine being were you are now not having the endless none stop mind chatter & anxiety along with high levels stress that could well have been reduced should you have starting meditating earlier in life

Personally I prefer, while sitting in a guided meditation a short intro helping to settle, then the music edging away into silence leaving me to sit for a period of time I am comfortable with, sometimes just sitting with no time in mind & just enjoying the space before me.

  • Unlimited – Your choices, your style you decided. Of course if your unsure we can work together finding you the perfect fit.
 Recording Format:
  • MP4 – Can be played straight from your phone
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • MKV
  • TS
  • M3U8

All recordings are sent via email & usually with in a 24 hour window.

Sample Meditations

Prices vary & are dependent on your requirements.

A typical example would see a 20 minute guided personalised recording using stock music starting from £30. Opening Offer Only £20 Ends April 21st 2019

15% discounts apply with bundle recordings of 3 or more. 

So why not have a meditation recorded personally for you, helping calm your mind & aiding smoother navigation through life. Drop me an email so we can discuss the perfect meditation that suites your style helping you enjoy every moment taking the edge off of those extra frustrations.

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