I do my best to stay up to date with the latest nutritional advise from credible, unbiased sources that provide & promote optimum health for the human species. I cannot even began to list the amount of complete fabricated bullshit reports (in some cases house hold names & professionals, such as “so called nutritionist & Dr’s” to name a few) that fly around advising us of health foods & diets that have more potential to harm than nurture our mind body. I am not a professional by any means but with the correct research & devoting time it is very easy to follow the money sniffing out the crap.

I am neither in the market to preach what you should & shouldn’t eat. If you are happy killing yourself quicker than needs be, supporting industry’s that benefit from animals suffering & if you are happy to leave the world in a desperate place for your family, that is your choice, you carry on, I hope you sleep well!

Putting all that aside, I will be sharing some of my recipes for those who are interested in change, but alas, from my kitchen days these recipes will be braking most of the rules.


So whats my motivation – I repeatedly get asked for recipes, so I have bitten the bullet bringing the food blog back to life by demand. In all honesty I am not really a fan of writing them putting this down to the 20+ years working in professional kitchens!

My scientific minded food development colleagues once said, “we can tell you were a chef, you do not measure anything, where is the science in that, was that teaspoon heaped or leveled?” All fair points when developing new dishes for factory production. Teaspoon measurements have now been band from the development kitchen, but on the plus side this led to a brand new set of sexy “top of range” micro scales finding there way in the form of a gift to my good self – every cloud!

The point I guess I am trying to make is, I cook with my heart using my intuition (if the two are not the same thing). Following & writing recipes is not something that comes natural to me, I love to go with the flow learning all the time. An example being 50g of smoked paprika will no doubt taste different, dependent of season, climate, & country of growth, so more or less maybe be needed every time one creates the dish over & over. Imagine the variants that come into play with all ingredients in a single Lentil Dahl if we just cooked like robots not adjusting to the flavors present time over.

A Word Of Warning:

If you are looking for your dead palette to be stimulated from salts, refined sugars & processed foods, maybe wanting to get that food addiction hit (that you do not even know you have) these recipes probably will not work for you. However, if you are interested in healing your body wishing to prosper then you are most definitely in the right place. As an added bonus, you will be saving countless lives of sentient beings whilst doing your bit giving to the world that offers you the blessing of life.


To summarize, I do hope you enjoy the dishes I share, they are devised with nutrition primarily in mind using key ingredients to nurture our body with the latest scientifically studied food groups that are essential for humans to prosper.

Please feel free to interact on the blog post’s, it may just help motivate keeping the dishes rolling.