Ben Glassonbury

During the summer of 1998, Ben began to notice an internal rising of unrest. Dismissing these sensations he pushed forward with very little conscious attention given, little did he know, that the demise of life as he knew it, had begun.

After a long period of depression, he became conscious of a very different world surfacing. With fresh impetus & a passion for knowledge growing, Ben attended seminars, weekly classes & began studying a wide range of spiritual subject matter from meditation to non-duality, including teachings from Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi & Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj amongst others, educating himself taking a different view to life.

With very little effort, Ben witnessed a complete transformation as this awakening of consciousness simmered to the surface. Momentum on his side, he became a qualified meditation tutor, hypnotherapist & counsellor, later opening his own studio, running workshops, personal development classes & meditation groups, whilst working alongside clients, offering support & sharing a more rounded view to their considered normal way of life.

Continuing to research & expanding his own consciousness, Ben became disillusioned by consistent contradictions & falsities with the generic modern-day teachings. With this in mind, he finally closed his doors, turned his back on what he thought he knew & kept walking in search for the truth.

After years away refining, studying & learning through introspection, Ben returned to share insights with a new perspective. Ben continues to explore, push personal boundaries to discover by his own experience “consciously” what potential life has in its hands, assisting in offering a deeper, more experiential way to assist clients enabling a different perspective on their perceived understanding of life.

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