Born in the Cotswolds England in December 1976, Ben led what was considered a normal life. Being an anxious, sensitive child he navigated his way through a tough period of education, finally leaving home with his parent’s support as he followed his boyhood passion. Setting his sights & with a vision held strong, he focused his energy training to become a chef.

Employed by some of Britain’s finest Hotels & Restaurants Ben single mindedly, infused food with his soul, devoting his life to the industry. As the years rolled past Ben began to notice an increase in unhappiness that he had battled with for the most part of his life. Conscious of this unrest, he dismissed these emotions pushing forward once again with little regard given, completely unaware that the demise of life as he knew it, had begun.


After a long period of depression that followed & seeing the separation from his long term partner & two children, Ben started to become aware of a very different world surfacing. As each day passed he became increasingly more uncomfortable preparing dishes using animal & dairy products. Along side that, working in an industry that treated human beings practically like slaves no longer had the same appeal.

With a career spanning over two decades & earning some of the industries most covered accolades Ben tentatively decided to hang up his whites, roll up his knives & walk away from a prosperous career. With this change in consciousness & a passion for knowledge growing, the love affair had finally ended.

“For years I battled against something that was ingrained in me, it was in my blood, but my beliefs began to speak louder, so I finally decided to turn my back on kitchen life”.

Vowing never to look back with regret, Ben attended seminars, weekly classes & began studying a wide range of self-help along with spiritual subject matter from meditation to non-duality, including teachings from Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi & Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj amongst others, educating himself by building a different view to the world in search & connecting to something deeper that held more substance, as this new life continued to emerge.

Ben witnessed a complete transformation as this new awakening of consciousness simmered to the surface, with momentum on his side he became a qualified meditation tutor, hypnotherapist, & counsellor. This fresh outlook on life inspired Ben to open his own studio, running workshops, personal development classes & meditation groups, whilst working alongside clients, offering support & sharing a more rounded view to their considered normal way of life.

Continuing to research & expand his own consciousness, once again Ben slowly became disillusioned by consistent challenges he still faced with his own personal development & happiness. With this in mind, he finally closed his doors, turned his back on what he thought he knew & kept walking in search for a deeper truth that he knew in the core of his being, exsisted.

Married & settled back into his hometown after years away refining & learning through introspection, he lives happily, engaging life with a fresh perspective. Rich with life flowing through his veins, a natural understanding of wholeness sees each day in & out. This richer, fuller, more balanced lifestyle awareness, supports Bens clients through change, seeing them reach every human beings instinctive desire for happiness.

Are you ready to take that next step?