nut mylk


1 x Litre

  1. 130g Nuts
  2. 30g Sultanas
  3. 500ml Water
  4. 1000ml Cold water
  • Place 1,2 & 3 into cup, jug or receptacle of choice & leave for 12 to 24 hrs
  • After the soaking time chosen strain 1,2 & 3 washing with fresh water through a sieve
  • Then add 1,2 & 400ml of 4 into your blending jug or flask, blend for 1 minute until smooth.
  • Poor the nut & fruit pulp into a nut bag & drain, squeezing until all the liquid is removed (depending of your chosen thickness of m*lk add all or some of the remaining 600ml of 4 to the strained liquid)
  • Then bottle & fridge best drank or used over a 3 day period




Eat More Plants.png

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