Meditation Centre

Do you want to learn to Meditate & understand the principles of the practice:

Taking time out from the everyday to sit with the only moment that is ever present & real in our lives.

Are you looking to reduce anxiety?

Perhaps you are tired from the constant bombardment of mind chatter & looking for more a more peaceful approach to life?

Science has shown that even short weekly bursts of mindfulness will improve productivity & reduce stress levels. In fact, there are many articles that prove the benefits of meditation.

Within the eight weeks, you will be introduced to the practice of meditation & learn to understand the simplicity of the art. The classes will consist of guided awareness meditations, discussions & time for question & answers. This group is suitable for complete beginners wanting a taste of awareness meditation techniques & those who wish to refresh their practice.

  • Starting 4th July 2017 every Monday for eight weeks
  • Weekly commitment & group respect is essential
  • 7.30pm – 8.30pm
  • Limited spaces available
  • Fifty Pounds for eight weeks

Please connect Ben for further details on the course.


Hardwicke Gloucester.

A friendly phone interview will be required before joining any groups or classes


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