Not much to say about this one, super simple, zesty, sweet, prepare & enjoy!

  • 6 x Organic Kiwi Fruits
  • 6 x Organic Juicing Oranges
  • Raw Organic Coconut or Fresh Spring Water

Peel kiwi fruits, juice oranges straining out pips, add both to your blender. Blend until smooth, add additional coconut or spring water to thin to your preferred texture if desired – Drink!


Using high quantities of fruit produces a rich sweet flavour, also allowing me the required daily consumption to maintain optimum levels of energy throughout the day.

If the smoothies have too thick a consistency you can always add some raw organic coconut water, spring water even freshly squeezed orange juice to dilute to your preference.

Do not forget all fruits will be variable with juice/water content & sweetness, so have a play adding more of one fruit or another with additional juice when necessary – there are no rules.


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