This dressing is all about, Low Fat, No Added Sugar, adding of course health & taste into the mix. I do find the fewer fruits that are mixed with this dressing the better the marriage. I personally stay away from naturally bitter greens, bitter fruits or other vegetables one might add to their salad dishes, the contrast is not appealing.

I have found though, these days I would much prefer to sit & just eat tomatoes, cucumbers or say peppers on their own. Mixed salads have become too taste like an amalgamation of unpleasant, unnatural bowl of food waste.

  • 30g Organic Courgette
  • 20g Organic Celery
  • 100g Organic Raspberries
  • Organic Lemon Juice to adjust taste
  • (Keep the intake Natural – No Salt)

Blend all ingredients together, leaving the lemon juice out so this can be added to suit.

Dress salad, tuck in!


Using high quantities of fruit produces a rich sweet flavour, also allowing me the required daily consumption to maintain optimum levels of energy throughout the day.

If the smoothies have too thick a consistency you can always add some raw organic coconut water, spring water even freshly squeezed orange juice to dilute to your preference.

Do not forget all fruits will be variable with juice/water content & sweetness, so have a play adding more of one fruit or another with additional juice when necessary – there are no rules.


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