What Happens to Food When It Is Cooked:

When you eat something cooked, do you know what your body goes through in order to digest it, extract all (if any) nutrition from it & the stress or strain that virtually lifeless food puts on your body?

Much research has been done over the years & it’s worth focusing on, to truly know the origins of most all our disease and discomforts.

The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other vital nutrients are destroyed. Most Nutritionists and Natural Doctors agree with this.

All enzymes are completely destroyed. Our digestion depends on these essential enzymes. There are certain digestive processes that get sped up by enzymes a millionfold.

The body’s nutrient ratios are drastically changed. For instance, meat has relatively more vitamin B6 destroyed than methionine, causing heart problems. Many types of meat that have been cooked are also a carcinogen.

The body begins to form toxic substances. When you cook a potato, more than 90 identified toxic substances are formed. Some Mutagenic and or Carcinogenic toxins are among them.

More waste material is generated.

By cooking food it shows similar effects to the body’s ageing process. Food is rapidly and extensively aged when cooked.

Major changes take place in the food’s water content.

The life Energy and the vital cell-life information is destroyed. Important communication with other cells is lost.

What Happens to a Human Body That Eats Cooked Food:

Your white blood cells rush toward the digestive tract, forcing the immune system to leave all the rest of the body less protected. The immune system is viewing cooked food that has just been eaten as an invasion of toxins.

Digestive Leukocytosis is a phenomenon that occurs when the white corpuscles in the blood grow and change in relative proportions of different blood cells.

Enzymes are the key to proper digestion and since they are all destroyed, you can not possibly properly digest cooked foods. The body tries to manufacture requisite enzymes and stress is unnecessarily placed on your organs. This can sometimes cause ulcers and most often indigestion. It takes raw food a half to a third of the time to pass through the system easily digested in comparison to cooked food.

Flora is now being recognised as a bodily organ since it’s function is so vital to our health and helping in the overall balance in the body. Putrefaction happens in the flora of the intestines (mostly from cooked meats) causing colonic dysfunction and the absorption of toxins from the bowel. Some names given to this phenomenon are intestinal toxaemia (toxicosis), dysbiosis or dysbacteria.

The body builds up toxins and waste material, and much of it can live in individual cells. Lipofuscin is what they call it when it accumulates in the skin and nervous system, including in the brain. “Liver spots”, “age spots” are signs of this ageing process called general toxaemia (toxicosis)

Cellular nutritional starvation occurs in many people. Since a majority of cooked food consists of wastes and toxins, the nutrition that the cells desperately need to function is absent.

”Always hungry” syndrome is what happens when the cells don’t get enough nutrients and it leads to the obesity problem through overeating and the cravings for more food.

Toxins are released from the body through a detox crisis or healing crisis. The toxins get released through the skin or enter the bloodstream for elimination by the liver, kidneys and other organs. Many symptoms include fever, nausea, headaches, vomiting, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, diarrhoea, etc….

Allergies affect about millions and this can be the result most often by all the toxic buildup in the body, that when particles, like pollen, are added into the mix overload occurs and the body reacts violently as a plea for help in the detoxifying process.

Our immune system has to deal with daily invasions of toxins, mutagens and carcinogens. It becomes overwhelmed and weakened. Some chalk it up to the ageing process, but we hold the key to helping release those foreign invaders. Eating whole foods can begin a new chapter for the body and add back in the essential nutrition is key to allowing the body to function with grace and balance again.

When the body starts destroying itself and people are diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease like (arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, gout, multiple sclerosis, etc.) it is shown that because parts of the body have become so clogged with toxins and wastes that the immune system has started a process of regarding those parts as foreign invaders that must be destroyed. There are many brave and amazing people out there who have turned these diseases around through a shift in mind body and spirit. Living Food is a vital key!

Much of what we consider “the ageing process” is accelerated through the eating of cooked food. Raw food lifestyles have shown that people who switch from a mostly cooked diet become physiologically, mentally and visibly younger.

By slowly eliminating things like dairy, meat, and processed foods, & increasing your intake of raw foods, you will begin to see immediate results.


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