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Human Foods:

After spending 24 years in the catering profession, cooking towards the higher more exclusive market within the industry, thoughts & questions awoke inside, they led me to start revising my eating habits. Over time my views on food & what I was putting into my body changed dramatically. After a time it screams at you, it stands out so vividly what human food is against that which is not.

We even called time on our pop-up restaurant “Theobroma Cacao” due to our own understanding & beliefs. My wife & I became mindful of not wishing to encourage such high fat laden menus & toxin creating dishes (whilst still being 100% organic & vegan) to our customers we decided to bring proceedings to a close.

I do believe once you can identify all our social programming that we have been subjected, & start to overcome these, the days become easier & easier the better you feel, this then becomes the motivation that drives you. It also helps when you noticed incredible differences in body shape, mental & emotional well-being, with an all round feeling of energy in abundance with a clear focus, opening a wide expansive space of freedom that we can embrace, enabling us to live with ease & grace daily.

I can categorically say, changing what I have put into this body has changed my life from the mundane, ingrained social treadmill, that most of us wish to jump from but are perhaps fearful of doing so.

Human Food Part 2

Theobroma Cacao Secret Dining Club

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